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Why Glo for your Event?

Candlelight is the secret to giving any event a heartbeat. Everything looks and feels better glowing with candles. They symbolize love and warmth and instantly create a welcoming and romantic ambiance. Candles will elevate your event design, the venue, the florals and your other decor.

It is also a known fact that people have more fun in a dimly lit room!

BUT the truth is that candles are expensive, heavy, and a lot to manage. They require proper handling, storage, transportation, set-up, lighting, and removal/cleaning.

This is where Glo steps in to take on the "burdens" of beautifying your special occasion. The process isn't glamorous, but the outcome sure is!
Glo also keeps in inventory other popular event decor items such as drapes, cake stands, easels, card boxes, frames, signage, etc.

A lot of these are things you will never have a need for again and are not worth purchasing. We can come up with a custom kit for all of your event needs.


This fully customizable decor package is perfect for the DIY bride or client.  This package is also a great choice for clients trying to maintain a certain decor budget.  We also love this option if you only need certain items to compliment what you or your coordinator/venue/florist already have planned.

Select the candles or decor you want and Glo will build your event kit, available for pick up or delivery. 

If you have someone to set-up, decorate, and breakdown, the Glo-To-Go is a Go for you! Simply pack up items after the event and drop-off or schedule a pick-up. 


Eliminate the burden and heavy-lifting of making your event Glo-rgeous! The Glo-Getter allows you to custom select your candle and decor needs. Glo will build your kit, store, deliver, set-up and style, light, and breakdown/remove.

This package works great if you already know what you need and where you want it to go. You will submit the venue floorplan and decor details/instructions, then we will take it from there so you can enjoy your event.

Glo Big

Just like the name says, this package is the ultimate in design and decor services. We work closely with you, your planner, your florist, your venue, and your other vendors to carefully curate an event design plan and the perfect floorplan.

We handle all of the day-of tasks required to make your event ambiance come together such as building the kit, storing and transporting it to the venue, setting up and styling while we work side by side with your other vendors. We perfect final touches and light up everything. Glo will also help set out your personal items such as signage, favors, guest book, etc. while we decorate. At the end of the night, we will return to breakdown and remove all items.

We create the event of your dreams so you can create forever memories! 

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